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Ottawa Condo Checklist

Ottawa Condo Checklist

Before a person buys an Ottawa condominium, there are questions that should be answered so that the proper decision could be made. The person needs to ask about the location of the condominium, the amenities, the condominium rules and regulations, affordability, the building, the condominium corporation, and the community and lifestyle.


  • Is the condominium in the neighbourhood I want?
  • Is there a school nearby?
  • Is it accessible by public transit?
  • Is the commute time to work acceptable?
  • Is it close to amenities (e.g. shops, theatres, restaurants, etc.)?


  • Does the condominium have recreational facilities?
  • Does it have an exercise room?
  • Does it have a pool?
  • Does it have a party room?
  • Does it have a convenience store?
  • Does it have a children's area?
  • Does it have parking available?
  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • Guest parking?
  • Does it have suitable storage available?

Condominium Rules and Regulations

  • Are the condominium rules and restrictions clearly defined and understandable?
  • Are the condominium rules and regulations reasonable (can I live under these rules)?
  • Are there rules about the numbers of occupants permitted?
  • Can I rent out my unit?
  • Does the Board of Directors (or developer) seem helpful in explaining the rules?
  • Can I operate my business from the condominium?
  • Can I take my pet?
  • Does the management fit my lifestyle (property manager vs. self-managed)?


  • Is the purchase price of the condominium within my budget?
  • Can I afford the monthly condominium fees along with my mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and other expenses?
  • Does the price seem reasonable for what I am getting?
  • Are there upgrades available that I need or want and how much would they cost?
  • Are finishes included in the purchase price?
  • Is cable/satellite and/or Internet access included in the monthly condominium fees, and if not, how much would they cost?
  • How is the condominium heated/cooled/ventilated?
  • Is the building energy and water efficient?
  • Are utilities included in the monthly condominium fees, and if not, how much can I expect to spend each month?

The Building

  • Is the condominium (e.g. high-rise, low-rise, townhouse, freehold, loft) the type that I want?
  • Will the construction be finished on time and if not, can I wait?
  • Is the building attractive?
  • Is the condominium in good physical condition? Does it seem well built (or well maintained)?
  • Will the condominium be durable?
  • Are the grounds attractive and well maintained? Is the unit attractive?
  • Is it the right size?
  • Does it have the features (e.g. fireplace, number of bedrooms, balcony)
  • I want?
  • Does it have enough storage space?
  • Does it have enough light?
  • Does it have fire protection systems (e.g. smoke detectors, sprinklers)?
  • Does everyone in the family like it?

The Condominium Corporation

  • Is the condominium corporation in good financial condition?
  • Is all documentation for the condominium accessible and in good order?
  • Are there any legal claims or judgements against the condominium corporation?

Community and Lifestyle

  • Does the condominium community seem to match my lifestyle (e.g. older adults vs. families with small children)?
  • Is the condominium strictly residential, or is it mixed-use?
  • What is the proportion of owner-occupied to rented units?
  • Is it accessible for people with special needs?
  • Do the current occupants seem friendly and happy?
  • Are there any noise implications?
  • Roadways, neighbours, garbage chutes and elevators

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