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Renting Ottawa Condos

Renting Ottawa Condos

While many condominium buyers purchase their units with the intent of renting it out to a third party, they need to confirm this through a review of the governing documents and the provincial legislation of the condominium. During the time a person is choosing a condominium, questions regarding boundaries, maintenance, management, appearance, insurance, rules of occupants (pets/noise) are highly encouraged.

Questions to ask when choosing a condominium

  1. What are the unit boundaries?

  2. What will my maintenance obligations be?

  3. What management style is being used, and am I comfortable with it?

  4. What are the rules regarding the allowable number of occupants, noise, pets, amenities, parking, etc, and how are these upheld?

  5. Can I alter my unit’s appearance? If I want to change something, what procedure do I have to follow to get permission?

  6. Does the condominium corporation have the minimum insurance required by my provincial or territorial legislation?

  7. What will my insurance obligations be?

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